U.S. History in Film

Prof. McClurken’s HIST 329 — Fall 2008


So this is my first post.  I must say, I enjoyed Glory alot.  This was the secod time I had seen it.  The best thing it does for us, as a secodary source about the past, is show us how many members of the North were in fact racist.  We like to beleive that North was all about figting for all that is right.  This includes more than fighting against slavery but fighting against racism as well.  The movie does do a diservice to its audience, though, by pretending that most of the regiment were runaway southern slaves when in fact they were mostly free northern blacks.  The filmakers wanted the regiment to be made up of people that had a clearly dramatic reason to fight.  As for the movie being a primary source about the past; I think it still portrays blacks stereotypically, albiet modern stereotypes.

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