U.S. History in Film

Prof. McClurken’s HIST 329 — Fall 2008


Well I have to say that this movie no longer holds the same meaning for me that it once did.  Back in the seventh grade this movie helped to create my love for the civil war.  I always had an interest ever since I was little because of Gone With the Wind but this moive really helped it grow.  This summer I watched this movie again after what seems like years and it really didnt seem all that great to me.  Now after getting the background information in class I really dont like the movie at all anymore.
Well I will have to say that the movie did do at least some things right.  It shown a whole new light on a topic that many Americans love.  It told the story of an all black regiment who really helped to make a difference.  While somewhat exaggerated it shows many of the discrimination that black soldiers had to face.  One major problem that I found is that the movie suggests that many of the soldiers are escaped slaves when in actuality most were free blacks from the north.  It seems to me that if you are making a film based off of letters from the real Shaw that you would take more reality into account.  The one major problem that I had is in the end of the movie when the 54th volunteers to lead the charge on Ft. Wagner, they never actually did this.  They did not volunteer they were commanded.  While I understand that they were very brave to lead the charge, the movie makes them seem even braver by making it seem like it is their choice to lead the attack.
All in all it is not the movie I remember loving growing up.

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