U.S. History in Film

Prof. McClurken’s HIST 329 — Fall 2008

Historical Film Glory

This was the first time I saw “Glory” and I really enjoyed the film. I felt that the film accurately portrayed the 54th Regiment and its fight for freedom and glory. The fight at Fort Wagner showed the greater effect of black soldiers participating in combat. Black soldiers fought less than whites, which was shown in the film; black troops did mostly manual labor work for the Union Army. The film was also accurate in showing how hard it was to receive shoes, uniforms, and equipment for the black soldiers. Though, many black regiments did not see combat. In the film the 54th proved in one battle that they could fight, which allowed them to be the first line into combat in the Battle of Fort Wagner, but this was usually not how it worked. The film did not give an overview of how these black men became a part of the Union Army. It would have been interesting if they gave some information on how the main black characters joined the army. In the end, watching the film makes me wish that both sides of the armies could have put their racial issues aside earlier and really taken advantage of using the black men to help them. The more men the better chance of a side winning battles.

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