U.S. History in Film

Prof. McClurken’s HIST 329 — Fall 2008

KKK subtlety

In response to Elle’s disappointment in her classmates:

As soon as you said that you didn’t get the KKK reference, I knew I was not alone with Jackie’s sister and wanted to make it known that I hadn’t picked up on it either. As soon as I had the chance to speak after you were done, I spoke up and said so.

I think the way some people were talking about the KKK subtle references made us all feel like it was something we really should have noticed. Props to you for speaking up!

To me as well it seemed like a southern white supremacy deal, and what was to say the men didn’t really have political meetings? I also got the impression while watching it that most of the carpetbaggers in the community were white, and therefore was not seeing it as a strike back against the blacks.

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