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Prof. McClurken’s HIST 329 — Fall 2008

JFK – A Flawed Masterpiece, part one

JFK Closing Statements on YouTube

The link above shows what I find to be the most important scene in the entire span of Stone’s epic JFK. In this scene, New Orleans prosecutor Jim Garrison is exhausted. He has spent years hunting the truth about Kennedy’s assassination, and he is trying to convince the jury – and the world – that Oswald did not work alone. 

While I view this as a vital scene in the movie, it gives perfect basis for dissecting the inaccuracies in Stone’s film. These inaccuracies will be examined at length by my final project, but I wanted everyone to get a chance to hear the general idea that both Jim Garrison and Oliver Stone ran with in trying to prove that JFK was not killed by just one man.

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